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New features and tweaks in GigPress 1.3

Posted by Derek on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 | 10

I’ve just uploaded GigPress 1.3 after much delay. The main new “feature” feature in this version is the ability to choose any post in WordPress as a “related entry” to any individual show. This is useful for things like tour journals or show recaps, or posting photos from a show, or what have you. Once you associate a post with a show (from a drop-down menu on the “Add a show” screen), it will display a link to that post in the “info” section of the show listing, using language you set on the GigPress “Options” screen.

Speedier data entry

On the admin side, there’s now a “Copy” link in the “Actions” column on the “Upcoming shows” and “Past shows” screens. This link loads up all of the data for that particular show into a new entry on the “Add a show” screen, essentially “copying” that show into a new one. This is a handy feature to speed data entry when posting shows with very similar details.

Also – the show date, show time, show country, and “part of a tour” fields are now all “sticky.” This means that each time you enter a show, you’re in fact setting a new default value for each of these fields, so that the next time you go to enter a show, these values will be pre-filled.

(Props to Zain for these two ideas!)

New options

New options include whether or not to segment the main show list into tours and individual shows (previously the list was always segmented), and if segmented, whether to place the indivudal show before or after the tours. Multiple tours are now displayed not in the order they were entered, but by a custom order, which you can change on the “Tours” screen. Also, all links to Google Maps, venue, and ticket-buy URLs can be optionally opened in a new window.

Safety first

Another feature I’m happy about is an “Undo” option available immediately after deleting a show or tour. After each deletion, just click the “Undo” link next to the conformation message, and your show(s) and/or tour will be restored. This is a feature WordPress should probably have implemented for all posts and pages. (Inspiration taken from this article on A List Apart.)


It’s also now easier to apply custom styles to the GigPress display. Simply drop a copy of the gigpress.css file (located in the main gigpress plugin directory) into your current theme’s directory, and edit-away. GigPress will load the default style sheet first, and then your custom style sheet, so any changes you make will override the defaults.

Lastly, I’ve further tweaked the design to better match the design conventions of both WP 2.3 and WP 2.5. Despite some initial misgivings, the new WordPress admin design is growing on me in all its subtlety.

I hope everyone finds the new update useful. Link up your sites below … and of course, you can always make a donation if you’re feelin’ it.


  1. issa
    April 14th, 2008
    2:10 pm #

    this plugin rocks.

    1/ we tweaked your plugin to use it as an event manager. it was easy: we changed the city field label for ‘event name’ and now we can have events for several bands with the same plugin structure.

    we had to do this because our hosting plan cannot support event manager plugins that don’t use efficiently the server resources.

    here you can see the upcoming shows table with our small changes: http://musica.nmty.org/eventos/

    2/ please consider for your next release the ability to control how many shows are rendered in the tables. huge tables (like the one we have right now) are not as accesible as a paginated schedule (or something with that effect).

  2. amy gail
    April 14th, 2008
    2:32 pm #

    This just keeps getting better.
    I’m looking forward to playing with the update.
    I put this site together in a hurry http://brucemack.com/ – but it continues to be a WIP…
    We plan on expanding the tour diary after the tour is over, so the option to ‘relate’ the calendar date to a post is really interesting.
    Thanks for a great plug-in

  3. Flick
    April 16th, 2008
    12:47 am #

    You really have no idea how much I love you for this brand new feature of post association. Dream come true? I think so! 😀 THANK YOU!

    p/s: I do like the pagination suggestion too.

  4. Derek
    April 16th, 2008
    7:25 am #

    Thanks for the comments folks. Pagination is the main focus for the next release, I know it can get unruly with the current setup.

  5. Andrew
    April 18th, 2008
    9:12 am #

    Hi Derek, Great widget! Dropped some change in your tip jar, you deserve it! Had a problem when I updated to this version though, it seems all my gigs vanished. I had 10 or so gigs in the upcoming calendar and they all dissapeared when I updated. Any ideas?

  6. Derek
    April 18th, 2008
    9:26 am #

    @Andrew – I emailed you about this problem to see if we can get it fixed. My intuition tells me that you failed to deactivate GigPress before upgrading. (Changes to the GigPress database happen when you reactivate the plugin.)

  7. Joop
    May 1st, 2008
    12:06 pm #

    Evening Derek,
    Very very great plug…but since I am fairly new to editing:
    1. How can I remove/change the “highlight”thingie? My basic stylesheet gives a black background an a white fontcolour, so if i hover over an event, it dissapears into a totally white block.

    2. How come the Venuename and Adress in the info field stay into the same size? I know they became URL (In the event itself , I turned on the url of the venue and filled in the address for the googlemap functionality. If I remove those, the font CAN be changed, but I want to use this functionality .


  8. Derek
    May 2nd, 2008
    10:22 am #

    @Joop – to remove the :hover effect, you’ll want to add a gigpress.css file to your theme directory, and change this CSS rule as you see fit:

    .gigpress-row:hover, .gigpress-info:hover {
    	background: #FCFCFC;
    	color: #000;

    As for the font size of the links, I’d assume that you have a CSS rule in your theme that’s limited the font size of the a selector.

  9. James
    October 3rd, 2008
    12:53 am #

    I was glad to find this plugin! It’s been a great help on the current site I’m working on.
    However, I too am trying to use it for multiple bands and found you have to tweak it a little to work.
    On my site I have a page for each venue, and found it would be nice to list shows for that particular venue.

    I’ve thought of a couple of features that could solve my problems and feel it could really enhance the plugin overall for everyone else.

    1) Add a Gig/Show Title field:
    Since I’m using this plugin for multiple bands it would be nice to have another field for the Show Title (or Gig Title). Right now I’m cramming the Band and Venue name into the Venue field. This field could also be used in case of a single band is using it on their site. They could title their shows as well.

    2) A Venue Template Tag:
    It would also be nice to have another template tag where you could specify the venue and it would display the shows, only for that venue.

    ex: [gigpress_upcoming venue="Kroc's Bar"] (would display only Shows at Kroc’s Bar venue)
    (just match the string)

    I feel those two features could really enhance the plugin for current bands that use the plugin, but all open the plugin up to a larger audience, those who would like to display shows for multiple bands too.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    Can see it here… Midland and Odessa TX Event Guide

  10. James
    October 3rd, 2008
    12:57 am #

    Oh, 3rd feature request…
    posted too fast on the last one….

    3) RSS Feed per Venue:
    It would be nice to have a separate RSS feed for each venue too.

    ex: http://www.basinbash.com/?feed=gigpress&venue=Kroc's+Bar

    Thanks Again,

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