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New structured data output for better search results

Posted by Derek on Thursday, March 13th, 2014 | Comments Off on New structured data output for better search results

Long time no talk. Did you change your hair? Looks great. You’ve been working out too, haven’t you? Keep up the good work.

Version 2.3 of GigPress, which I released over the weekend, now gives you the option of outputting structured data markup into your GigPress pages. This replaces the old hCalendar markup which was previously included in the default GigPress templates, and which was frankly always a little unwieldy to implement properly.

The new structured data output uses JSON-LD format, which is output into the body of your page inside of the script tag, letting it be completely separate from the markup which displays your shows on the page. You can read more about it on the Google Webmaster blog, where they just announced this new feature.

If you’re installing GigPress for the first time, this option is enabled by default. If you’re upgrading from a previous installation, you’ll need to enable it by visiting the GigPress Settings page and checking the box for outputting structured data. Version 2.3.2 enables structured┬ádata output even when upgrading in order to increase adoption.

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