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Technical support for GigPress is offered through Get Satisfaction. Please keep in mind that GigPress is something I do for free, and am often busy with the other kind of work (you know, the kind that puts tofu in the fridge), but I always do my best to respond to questions and problems in a timely manner.

Before posting a new support topic, please read through the documentation and the FAQ below.


Why aren’t my GigPress shows included in WordPress search results?
WordPress does not have an API for adding content stored in plugin database tables to its search results. However, the Search Unleashed plugin, when set to “WordPress Indexed” mode, will include all plugin content (including GigPress data) in search results.
Can you please add a “title” field or (insert-some-other-kind-of) field so I can more easily use GigPress as a generic “Events” plugin?
Probably not. My goal with GigPress is to meet the needs of musicians and other performers. There are currently no plans to add more run-of-the-mill event-type features.
I’d love to be able to upload show flyers, add audio from a show, have user comments, and backup my hard drive into GigPress. Can you make that happen?
GigPress’ “related post” feature has these very things in mind (well, maybe not the backup part). You can do all this fun stuff with ease in a regular WordPress post, using WP’s built-in tools, and then relate that post to your GigPress show.
Does GigPress support repeating shows?
Nope. But using the “Copy” link you can easily duplicate a show and then change the date.
My GigPress stuff looks all lame and unstyled on my site. What gives?
It could be that your theme is missing the wp_head() hook in the <head> section of the template. GigPress needs that in order to link to its stylesheet (and optionally your user stylesheet), which makes stuff look nice.
The type in my Upcoming Shows table is all in a monospaced font and hard to read. What the hell?
You likely pasted the GigPress shortcode into your post or page while in the visual editor, and <code> tags got pasted along with it. Just remove them (by looking at your post or page content via the HTML tab) and you’ll be good.
Will my GigPress shows appear up in my site’s RSS feed?
No, they won’t, as they exist outside of WordPress’ world of posts and comments. But GigPress does have its own RSS feed, which you can access at
Is the GigPress RSS feed compatible with the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin?
Unfortunately not. The FeedBurner plugin is greedy, intercepting all feed traffic from your website, so if the plugin is active, it will redirect the GigPress feed to your FeedBurner feed. The good news is that the FD FeedBurner plugin plays well with others, and will not hijack your GigPress feed.

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